60 most important Manufacturing Process (2) mcq questions

Q. 1. Cutting fluids mostly used for machining steel is…….
A : Distilled Water
B : Soluble oil
C : Hydraulic oil
D : Heavy oil


Soluble oil

Q. 2. The tool material best suited for machining of 0.2% Carbon steel at high speed (100-
300 m/min.) is

A : Co-WC
B : Diamond


Q. 3. Which of the following is a not a surface finishing process?
A : Honing
B : Buffing
C : Lapping
D : Turning



Q. 4. Which of the following is not element of Jigs and fixtures
A : tool guiding frame and bushes
B : base and body or frame
C : cutter
D : indexing plates


Q. 5. The jigs and fixtures reduces
A : unskilled labor
B : pre-machining operations like marking, measuring, laying out, etc.
C : manual
handling operations
D : set-up time


unskilled labor

Q. 6. Fixtures are used
A : for holding and guiding the tool in drilling, reaming or tapping operations
B : for holding the work in milling, grinding, planing or turning operations
C : to check the
of workpiece
D : only guiding the tool


for holding the work in milling, grinding, planing or turning operations

Q. 7. The device which is used to remove workpiece from close-fitting locators, after the
workpiece has been removed is called as

A : remover
B : escaper
C : ejector
D : blocker


Q. 8. The following is(are) the advantage(s) of cast jigs or fixtures
A : No heat treatments are required for the cast jigs and fixtures
B : If cast jigs or fixture drops down, they don’t get misaligned or de-shaped, although it may break
C : It prevents the
of tool chatter
in milling
D : All of the above


All of the above

Q. 9. Which of the following is not a locating device?
A : nesting
B : flathead
C : pins
D : strap


Q. 10. Which of the following code is used to specify Spindle start forward / Clockwise
rotation in milling and drilling?

A : M12
B : M01
C : M15
D : M03



Q. 11. The time (in minutes) for a drilling a hole is given by t= (depth of hole+
h)/Feed×RPM, where h is

A : length of the drill
B : drill diameter
C : flute length of the drill
D : cone height of the drill


cone height of the drill

Q. 12. The operation which is not performed on a shaper machine is
A : machining horizontal surface
B : machining vertical surface
C : machining angular surface
D : Turning


Q. 13. Twist drills are made of
A : High speed steel
B : Carbon steel
C : Stainless steel
D : Either (1) or (2)


Either (1) or (2)

Q. 14. End of program (Reset)
A : M33
B : M31
C : M32
D : M30


Q. 15. Which of the following is not an application of EBM process?
A : Machining
B : Welding
C : Engraving
D : Surface Hardening

Surface Hardening

Q. 16. Fixtures are not used in
A : Milling
B : Shaping
C : Turning
D : drilling



Q. 17. In CNC programing, block of Information G indicates
A : Sequence command
B : Preparatory commandr
C : Miscellaneous command
D : Machine type

Preparatory commandr

Q. 18. The material which on machining produces chips with built
up edge is

A : Brittle material
B : Tough material
C : Hard material
D : Ductile material


Ductile material

Q. 19. Which of the following process is based on Faradays law of Electrolysis?
A : Electrochemical Machining
B : Abrasive Jet Machining
C : Ultrasonic Machining
D : Laser Beam Machining

Electrochemical Machining

Q. 20. Jigs and fixtures are
A : machining tools
B : precision tools
C : both
D : none of the above

precision tools

Q. 21. The cutting speed for counter-boring should be __________ that of drilling operation
A : equal to
B : less than
C : greater than
D : Not have any relation based on operation

greater than

Q. 22. Which of the following code is used to specify Peck-Drilling Cycle in milling and

A : G73
B : G76
C : G87
D : G83


Q. 23. In drilling softer materials, the cutting speed is __________ as compared to harder

A : same
B : low
C : high
D : Very low



Q. 24. The angle between side cutting edge and end cutting edge is called as
A : approach angle
B : nose angle
C : side relief angle
D : end relief angle

nose angle

Q. 25. Which of the following code is used to specify feed per revolution in milling and

A : G69
B : G10
C : G00
D : G95


Q. 26. In which type of locator having depression /recess same as the shape of the job ?
A : Pin locator
B : Nesting locator
C : Solid surface
D : Adjustable locator


Nesting locator

Q. 27. A fixture does not
A : Holds the workpiece
B : Locate the workpiece
C : Guide the tool
D : All of the above

Guide the tool

Q. 28. Generally adjustable locators used to locate which surface ?
A : grinding
B : Rough
C : machined
D : superfinished


Q. 29. Part-programming mistakes can be avoided in
A : NC (Numerical Control) machine tool
B : CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine tool
C : Both a. and b
D : Conventional machining

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine tool

Q. 30. Which of the following operation, we can’t perform on drilling machine?
A : reaming
B : tapping
C : lapping
D : Turning


Q. 31. The jigs and fixtures can be constructed through
A : Casting
B : Fabrication
C : Welding
D : All of the above


All of the above

Q. 32. The device, fed to the control unit of NC machine tool which sends the position
command signals to sideway transmission elements of the machine, is called as

A : controller
B : tape
C : feedback unit
D : Leadscrew


Q. 33. A device, in which a component is held and located for a specific operation and
bushes are integrated that guide the tool, is called as

A : fixture
B : jig
C : clamps
D : none of the above


Q. 34. The following type of jig is used for machining in more than one plane
A : Template jig
B : Box type jig
C : indexing jig
D : Open type jig


Box type jig

Q. 35. Larger the shear plane length, power required for cutting the same
material will be

A : Larger
B : smaller
C : Same
D : Not affected


Q. 36. Use of tail stock in cylindrical grinding machine is___________
A : To drive the
work piece
B : To give feed to
the wheel head
C : Speed of
grinding wheel
D : To support the

To support the

other end of the
work piece
Q. 37. Which of the following specified grinding wheel will have
Silicon carbide abrasive?

A : Z 46 K 5 B 17
B : C 600 K 5 B 17
C : A 8 K 5 B 17
D : A 80 K 5 B 17

C 600 K 5 B 17

Q. 38. Carbide and ceramic tips are used in ________
A : slab mill
B : face mill
C : fly mill
D : Gang Mill


face mill

Q. 39. A point to point control system is suitable only for one of the following applications
A : Milling profile
B : Turning
C : Drilling
D : Grinding


Q. 40. Cemented carbide tool of straight Co-WC is not suitable for steel cutting, because
A : Steel has high hardness
B : Cutting of steel
generates very
high temperature
C : Steel contains Fe
which reacts with
C and promote
diffusive wear
D : Steel contains

Steel contains Fe which reacts with C and promote diffusive wear

Fe which reacts
with Co and
abrasive wear
Q. 41. The process of improving the cutting action of the grinding
wheel is called

A : Truing
B : Dressing
C : Facing
D : Clearing


Q. 42. This type of jig is employed on multi-spindle machines
A : Index jig
B : Universal jig
C : Open type jig
D : Multi-station jig


Multi-station jig

Q. 43. Feed control system is responsible for which action in ECM?
A : Giving feed to tool
B : Electrolyte supply
C : Power supply
D : Workpiece holding

Giving feed to tool

Q. 44. Which of the following specified grinding wheel will have
Aluminum oxide abrasive?

A : Z 46 K 5 B 17
B : C 600 K 5 B 17
C : C 8 K 5 B 17
D : A 80 K 5 B 17


A 80 K 5 B 17

Q. 45. How is material removed in Electro discharge machining?
A : Melt and evaporate
B : Corrode and break
C : Mechanical erosion takes place
D : Abrassive action

Melt and evaporate

Q. 46. The angle formed by the leading edge of the land with a plane having the axis of the
drill, is called

A : helix or rake angle
B : point angle
C : chisel edge angle
D : lip clearance angle

helix or rake angle

Q. 47. What is the material removal mechanism of Laser beam machining process?
A : Melt and evaporate
B : Electro chemical corrosion
C : Mechanical erosion of materials
D : Electro chemical dissolution

Melt and evaporate

Q. 48. The following holds the workpiece securely in a jig or fixture against the cutting

A : Clamping device
B : Locating device
C : fixing devices
D : Guiding device

Clamping device

Q. 49. Any number of equal divisions can be obtained on milling machine by
A : Direct Indexing
B : Simple Indexing
C : Compound Indexing
D : Differential Indexing

Compound Indexing

Q. 50. In NC (Numerical Control) machine tool, the position feedback package is connected

A : control unit and programmer
B : programmer and machine tool
C : control unit and machine tool
D : programmer and process planning

control unit and machine tool

Q. 51. The following type of jig is used to drill a series of equidistant hole along a circle
A : Plate type jig
B : Index jig
C : Open type jig
D : Pot type jig


Index jig

Q. 52. The following type of jig is used for machining in more than one plane
A : Template jig
B : Plate type jig
C : Box type jig
D : Open type jig

Box type jig

Q. 53. As the abrasive flow rate increases, what happens to the volumetric removal rate in

A : Increases
B : Decreases
C : Increase and then decrease
D : Decrease and then increase

Increase and then decrease

Q. 54. Which are the suitable hole circles from index plate 2 to index 69 divisions by
compound indexing

A : 21 and 23
B : 23 and 27
C : 23 and 29
D : 23 and 31

23 and 29

Q. 55. In a drilling operation using a twist drill, the lip angle is 120 degree (standard), the
spindle speed is 300 rpm, the feed is 0.2 mm/rev and the drill diameter is 10 mm,calculate
machining time to drill a hole of 30 mm long ?

A : 0.88 min
B : 0.54 min
C : 1.2 min
D : 3 min

0.54 min

Q. 56. In an orthogonal machine test on a steel, rake angle 20 degrees, uncut chip thickness
is 0.1 mm,
cut chip thickness is 0.25 mm calculate shear angle approximately equals to

A : 23 Degrees
B : 33 Degrees
C : 43 Degrees
D : 13 Degrees


23 Degrees

Q. 57. The device which place the workpiece in the same position, in jig and fixture, cycle
after cycle is called as

A : placing device
B : locating device
C : Guiding device
D : fixing device

locating device

Q. 58. In CNC program block, N002 G02 G91 X40 Z40….,
G91 refer to

A : Absolute dimension
B : Incremental dimension
C : Rapid Feed
D : Linear interpolation

Incremental dimension

Q. 59. In Abrasive jet machining, work piece material of removed by which of the following

A : Vaporization
B : Electro plating
C : Mechanical abrasion
D : Corrosion


Mechanical abrasion

Q. 60. A grinding wheel is said to be of _________ if it holds the
abrasive grains more securely

A : Soft grade
B : Medium grade
C : Hard grade
D : very soft grade

Hard grade

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